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Dan is very knowledgeable and helpful. He is always ready to answer any question any time even outside work hours. He helped us understand many things which are involved in the process of buying a home. He took good care of us and handled everything for us and all we did was just to sign the documents. He has got great communication skills, which helps in winning an offer. He guided us through out the process and gave right pointers which made things to move fast. I strongly recommend Daniel to someone who is trying to buy a house. Especially for the first time buyers with minimal knowledge about the process.

Ramandeep SinghSoftware Engineer

My husband and I enjoyed working with Dan. We first met him in 2020 when a home was on the market and we were trying to decide if we wanted to consider purchasing it. That didn’t pan out, but I kept his information handy just in case. Fast forward to summer of 2021 and we decided to buy a house in a weird housing market and I knew just who to call. Dan helped us visit multiple homes, gave us feedback and worked with our interests and our needs to help us make the right choices and not become overwhelmed. We found an excellent home that checked all our boxes and were able to negotiate an offer that was accepted, thanks to Dan. I highly recommend him!

Jennifer BrossBusiness Owner